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Dimanche 23.06.2013 17:00-18:30   Hall 3
Epilepsy at school
Chair:  Preston J  (United Kingdom)

Epilepsy comorbidities and their impact on learning
Speaker:  Dunn DW  (United States)

Educating school personnel
Speaker:  Senior J  (Ireland)
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Education: transitioning to adulthood
Speaker:  Preston J  (United Kingdom)
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Social Events
23.06.2013 19:00-20:00   Hall 1

Welcome Ceremony

23.06.2013 20:00-21:00   Hall 1

Welcome Reception

Lundi  24.06.2013 11:30-13:00   Hall 3
Epileptic encephalopathy
Chair:  Holmes GL  (United States)

Is it genetic or is it an accident?
Speaker:  Vigevano F  (Italy)

Modeling high function and dysfunction following seizures
Speaker:  Holmes GL  (United States)

Charting the waves: loci, circuits and systems
Speaker:  Siniatchkin M  (Germany)

Who, when, and how shall we treat?
Speaker:  Tuchman R  (United States)
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24.06.2013 13:00-14:30


24.06.2013 14:30-16:00   Hall 2 -> Nat
Paediatric epilepsy 1
Chair:  Barragán E  (Mexico)

What predicts enduring intractability in children who appear medically intractable in the first two years after diagnosis?
Speaker:  Wirrell E  (United States)

Incidence, prevalence and clinical outcome of Rasmussen Encephalitis in children from the United Kingdom
Speaker:  Lamb K  (United Kingdom)

The relationship between epilepsy severity and social activities in children with new-onset epilepsy: the role of child cognitive and behaviour problems
Speaker:  Ferro MA  (Canada)

Pb cognitif lie au deficit des fonctions sociales
Herqules : health related qualkity of lfe of children with epilepsy study
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Phenotypic spectrum of SPTAN1 encephalopathy
Speaker:  Tohyama J  (Japan)

The effect of the ketogenic diet on the developing skeleton
Speaker:  Mackay MT  (Australia)
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24.06.2013 14:30-16:00   Hall 3 ->Meryl
Drug therapy
Chair:  Dergalust S  (United States)

A combination of the 5-HTT genotypes is linked with higher 5-HTT gene expression and with worse response to pharmacotherapy in TLE patients
Speaker:  Hecimovic H  (Croatia)

Effects of treatment response and side effects on overall quality of life and distress
Speaker:  Simons WR  (United States)

Therapeutic drug level monitoring with levetiracetam in the treatment of epilepsy
Speaker:  Beran RG  (Australia)

Altered cortical thickness in language cortex following prenatal exposure to sodium valproate
Speaker:  Wood AG  (United Kingdom)

Health economics of pharmacogenetic screening for newly diagnosed epilepsy: analysis of real-world data
Speaker:  Chen Z  (Australia)

School aged IQ in children prenatally exposed to antiepileptic drugs
Speaker:  Baker G  (United Kingdom)

Mardi 25.06.2013 09:00-11:00   Hall 2
Stigma in epilepsy – who, why and what to do?
Chair:  Jette N  (Canada)

 Assessing stigma, do we know it when we see it?
Speaker:  Fernandes PT  (Brazil)

Stigma, why some people and not others?
Speaker:  Jacoby A  (United Kingdom)

Reducing stigma: what can be done?
Speaker:  Birbeck GL  (United States)

A future without stigma?
Speaker:  Jette N  (Canada)
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25.06.2013 11:30-13:00   Hall 6
The cost of epilepsy – the obvious and the hidden
Chair:  Tomson T  (Sweden)

The cost of illness, what is important in epilepsy?
Speaker:  Ekman M  (Sweden)

Getting the numbers right: importance of accurate prevalence estimates
Speaker:  Linehan C  (Ireland)

Treatment and social costs
Speaker:  Begley C  (United States)

Challenges for cost of epilepsy studies in research poor countries
Speaker:  Newton C  (Kenya)

25.06.2013 13:00-14:30


25.06.2013 14:30-16:00   Hall 7 -> nat
Chair:  Jones-Gotman M  (Canada)

Social cognition disorders in temporal lobe epilepsy patients
Speaker:  Hennion S  (France)
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The impact of intervention on working memory in children with intractable epilepsy: preliminary results from a repeated measure study
Speaker:  Kerr EN  (Canada)
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The nature & extent of cognitive disruption in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy relative to unaffected siblings and healthy controls
Speaker:  Maher H  (Ireland)

Accelerated long-term forgetting in children with temporal lobe epilepsy
Speaker:  Gascoigne M  (Australia)

Development of a home-based intervention to address cognitive dysfunction in epilepsy
Speaker:  Jobst BC  (United States)
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Unilateral mesial temporal epilepsy impairs remote brain activation and social cognition
Speaker:  Toller G  (Switzerland)

25.06.2013 14:30-16:00   Hall 6 -> Meryl
Clinical epilepsy
Chair:  Cavazos JE  (United States)

Utility of home-made videos in an epilepsy clinic
Speaker:  Ojeda J  (Spain)
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Better understanding of epilepsy-related mortality: the actions of the French Sentinel Network
Speaker:  Picot MC  (France)
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26.06.2013 11:30-13:00   Hall 2 -> Meryl
SUDEP prevention – are we there yet?
Co-Chair:  Donner E  (Canada)
Co-Chair:  Axelrod S  (United States)

Discussing SUDEP: does disclosure reduce the risk?
Speaker:  Sander L  (United Kingdom)
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Epilepsy treatment for SUDEP prevention
Speaker:  Tomson T  (Sweden)
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Do devices have a role in SUDEP prevention?
Speaker:  Ryvlin P  (France)
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26.06.2013 11:30-13:00   Hall 4
Epileptic encephalopathies and other genetic epilepsies of infancies – a new dawn of discovery
Chair:  Berkovic S  (Australia)

Dravet syndrome and beyond: phenotypes, genetics and treatment implications
Speaker:  Dravet C  (France)
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Girls only epilepsy – phenotypes and mechanism of an important new disorder
Speaker:  Marini C  (Italy)

26.06.2013 11:30-13:00   Hall 5
Paediatric status epileptics
Chair:  Vigevano F  (Italy)

Neonatal status epilepticus
Speaker:  Vinayan K  (India)

Treatment of status epileptics in infants and children
Speaker:  Nabbout R  (France)
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26.06.2013 13:00-14:30


27.06.2013 11:30-13:00   Hall 2

Co-Speaker:  Bertram E  (United States)
Co-Speaker:  Nehlig A  (France)
Co-Speaker:  Ikeda A  (Japan)
Co-Speaker:  Ahmad Hamed S  (Egypt)
Co-Speaker:  Andermann F  (Canada)
Co-Speaker:  Guekht A  (Russian Federation)
Co-Speaker:  Cabral Lim L  (Philippines)
Co-Speaker:  Hosny H  (Egypt)
Co-Speaker:  Camfield P  (Canada)
Co-Speaker:  Cross H  (United Kingdom)
Co-Speaker:  Scheffer I  (Australia)
Co-Speaker:  Kakooza A  (Uganda)
Co-Speaker:  Holthausen J  (Germany)
Co-Speaker:  Lee BI  (Korea, Republic of)
Co-Speaker:  Cendes F  (Brazil)
Co-Speaker:  Finucane S  (United States)
Co-Speaker:  Lee P  (United Kingdom)
Co-Speaker:  Zimba A  (Zambia)
Co-Speaker:  Hirsch L  (United States)
Co-Speaker:  Tripathi M  (India)


Nathalie Coqué. Maman d’Achille. Membre du Conseil d’Administration, représentante scientifique et Vice Présidente d’Alliance Syndrome de Dravet.

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